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 Relationship problem/one-itits

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PostSubject: Relationship problem/one-itits   Thu Sep 10, 2009 11:34 am

Ok so I haven't really been sarging lateley, because I have been dating this girl for like 3 weeks now. On our 3rd date I finally kissed due to logistics, I also managed to touch and kiss/ suck her breasts, as I made an attempt to reach for her pussy she said No. At the point I said okay and stopped. The day following that she made it a point that she is not a hoe. She also constantly brings up the fact that she will talk to other guys at times but she doesn't kiss them all, just one. By the way she is a virgin, so she says. This is a smart girl for only being 18 years of age. Now she hardly ever initiates contact and I also do, also she always seems distant with me. Whenever I go for kisses she always seems reluctant and I haven't had a makeout session with her since our third date which was 2 weeks ago. So I was hanging out with her last night and I go in for a kiss she kisses me for like a second and says, " that was rude I was talking."

Then I proceed to touch her breasts and she kinda trips out a bit and says I can't do that. At this point I am confused and ask why. She says she doesn't liked to be touched a lot. So I kinda get bothered with her.
Also I do think she does like me obviously cause she is willing to spend time with me, but I do not know the extent. I would like to have her as a girlfriend, but she is being way to complicated, idk. Do any of you guys have an interpertation for what she is doing , and also what should I do in this case?
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Relationship problem/one-itits
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