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 Introduction to this system

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PostSubject: Introduction to this system   Sun Jun 07, 2009 3:55 pm

When it comes to getting laid and having relationships, there seems to be a select few who seem to have all the luck. Pick up artists, players, naturals, pimps, etc. They all seem to have this special something. An innate gift they appear to have been born with. No matter what they say, do, how they dress, etc. it seems to be the right thing.
Because if this, so many questions have been asked throughout history.

What is it that separates the overly sexed (if there is such a term) from the frustrated

Why does one relationship seem to last forever, when others end horribly?

Why doesn’t she/he pick me?

Or basically “why am I not getting what I want in love/lust?”

The answers to these questions, and all the others like them, are answered here.

I would prefer not to give my credentials (as is customary in our world), but to let my work stand on its own. I believe either what I say brings real tangible results, or it does not. However, there are those of you who “must” have some background before you learn something, and for you I submit the following:

I have spent six years studying everyone from Pimps, players, pick up artists, and married couples (natural and trained), to nerds, virgins, and AFC’s (Average Frustrated Chumps). I made comprehensive lists, many theories, and tested everything. During this time I have gotten a girl to want marriage with me in less than 15 minutes, and have been turned down faster than a 12 year old boy in a room full of aging lesbians.

All the time I was looking for any actions or beliefs that separated the well off, from those home on a Saturday night. I wanted to know what the players, Pimps, naturals etc. had in common.

I needed to know what the socially awkward and alone were doing.

I compared, contrasted, tested, and re-tested. I did everything possible to separate what worked from what didn’t. I removed the unnecessary from the necessary. Then I boiled down what was left into its most basic form. After all this, I repeated.

I taught what I found to others, and used what I learned to successfully predict the actions of others. All to see how it worked.

I wanted perfect results.

The traing you are now about to go throughis the fruit of that labor. I have spent an extra year in making this system as comprehensible as possible. I wanted to make sure the system can be understood as quickly and naturally as possible.

What do I mean by “naturally”? Take a moment to stop reading and just look behind you for a few moments, when your done, come back.

Go ahead, the forum isn’t going anywhere.


Did you see how natural that action was? That’s how natural I wanted to make this system. When you are done with this program, the teachings will have been internalized without you realizing it. In short, the entire system has been designed to teach you everything that the most successful in love and lust know, in the shortest and most effective way possible. Once mastered, I promise, you will never attract others the same way again.....
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Introduction to this system
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