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 Sticking points

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PostSubject: Sticking points   Sat Jul 18, 2009 6:04 am

Firstly, let me start by apologising for not being active on here for the last week. I was away and forgot to let you guys know.
Just checked my PM's though and heard you want to cover sticking points and I thought it would be beneficial for everyone if I post mine up.

1) my height. Being 5ft tall I feel often women dont see me as a a guy they could get with due to the social stigma that men are taller than their partners.
2) I need to use crutches a lot to get around. before I open there is the natural opinion of a disability making the person needy and reliant.

Now, I have found ways around this myself in the past but it's always good to get new opinion.

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PostSubject: Re: Sticking points   Sat Jul 18, 2009 7:04 pm

No worries, we all have lives Smile

First off I want to point something out:

This is a fight or flight response people are having, because its an unknown.

This is a BIG positive and heres why:

You get to decide their experience.

Fear comes from the reptilain brain (basic), which also controls arousal. You can turn this fight or flight into arousal (more on this on alater lesssons sorry).

If the tease you, they are afraid, if they avoid you, they are afraid.

Ironically by the basic function of our brainds nearly anything that is not acceptance ordisintereast is a fear based response (strange eh?). Once you realize this its easy to see how this sticking point is all about comfort.Make them feel comfortable with the situation to the point where it doesn't even cross their mind. I know easier said than done.

Just realize 3 things:

1- Less is more.

2 - How you feel about something, others will too.

3 - People are afraid, and probably are too afraid to deal with it on their own. Be the alpha and get them past their fears.

Aside from my PM's one excellent way of bypassing social stigma of anything is when people look at the unknown (in this case crutches or hieght) bring it up and and joke about it.
One purpose humor has is to make us comfortable with the unknown. Thats why teasing sexually helps lesson LMR (if you didnt know). Humor puts things in a context that we can face AND enjoy.

Another thing you can do is go back to the basic approach model, C&F and the +=+ with occasional - and see how they fit in with your question as a unified theory.

I would also use your crutches as peackocking devices and build routines off of them.

As for your height, date asians jocolor

Seriously though, lets say you do everything right, but screw up on maybe8 things. Unless shes that rare super must hit everything on my list chick, she's gonna sleep with you, date you, and if you keep doing things right.... want to marry you *gasp!*

I think you see this as an outer game thing, but in reality its 100% pure inner game (your inner game) and how you frame it (we will be talking about frames next week).

Well thats my brief opinion, I want to see what others think before adding anymore.
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PostSubject: Re: Sticking points   Sun Jul 19, 2009 10:49 am

My biggest sticking point at the moment is how specific my game has become. By this I mean I have created a lifestyle in Cheltenham where I know 60% of the people in clubs, have entourages etc etc and so have neglected the basics.

I tend to go direct and only open girls I am interested in. This week I have realized I need to open as much as possible even if it is just for practice.

So yeah I need to relearn the basics that I have learnt to game within my environment without, as outside of that environment the gaps show.

My biggest sticking point at the moment is confidence during day game, being indirect and escalating in conversation.
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PostSubject: Re: Sticking points   Mon Jul 20, 2009 7:50 pm

Jaybot, I have an extrenely simple solution for this:

Replace the term pick up artists with Social Artists. Style and his group have been doing this and the difference is amazing.

As for switching your game up, go to another towm/city and game places you have never been.

Try saying "psssstt" while in your groupo and just being the guy you are there.

Once things go well start escalating the interaction.

As soon as you have trhat mastsered, instead of "pssst" or anything else, step outside of your group and say "Hi".

Theres no need to start back from the beginning or change thinsg up dramatically.
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PostSubject: Re: Sticking points   

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Sticking points
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