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 had a date last night

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PostSubject: had a date last night   Mon Jul 06, 2009 1:36 pm

hey guys, sorry I haven't been interacting here lately, just have been super busy, but here is a FR of the date

TYPE: Date

END: verbal goodbye



So I have been trying to get this girl who I met at a party a while ago, on a date, I lost her number cuz as an AFC I was really into another girl. Well the other girl leaves me and through myspace I was able to get the girl from the party's number again. So for the past 2 weeks we would text and talk on the phone occasionally. Well I finally got her to go out with me last night.

I pick her up give her a hug and try to take her to various places to build up comfort. We go to jamba juice and then walk to Luckys(a grocery store) she is suprised by this cuz I guess no guy has done that before. I try to kino, nothing major though cuz she really hasn't shown much interest, unless I was blind to it. So after luckys I was gona take her mini-golfing, but I was feeling lazy and its cold outside lol!

So Instead I give her 2 options mini-golf or movies, yes totally AFCish, so she picks movies, we see the movie and yes it is hard to game if at all! That wasn't a good idea. After the movie I drive her home, still unsure if she is into me. I notice her fingernails are really jacked, so I neg her geek haha and try to grab her hand so I could see them more clearly. She pulls away and doesn't let grab her hands. It's still playful though. She says she had fun with me and gets out of the car and goes inside her house. Through out the whole date I was trying to be Mr. Cocky-funny.

I would say my level of kino was at the friend level, I couldn't really calibrate her enough to escalate.
What do guys think? I might be in the friends zone idk
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PostSubject: Re: had a date last night   Mon Jul 06, 2009 9:51 pm

First my thoughts on your escalation (you should have pushed farther), then why I LOVE movie theaters.

If she was giving at least four of the you the 6 IOIs even slightly you should have escalated.

Your Kino should be more something you do, not a reward for her ineterst (think inner game right here).

If you were able to give her a hug you should have started moving into Dominant kino (not backtraked to innocent lol)

As long as you haven't moved into dominat kino you should be fine.

Once you do move into that you going to need to get to romantic kino quickly or you will get LJBF hardcore.


Serioulsy, you don;t have to be deirect about it. In fact I don't use direct or indirect game.


I use what i call "mixed game"

Its both direct and indirect. I show interest, but never enough for them to know if I want them. I flirt, but nothing that anyone can call me on.

This ramps up the sexual tension faster than indirect game, but keeps me in more sets than direct game ever could.

Try it its beautiful.

Now why do I LOVE movie theaters?

Becasue its dark, you can whisper, get close....

and get her to do things in public she thought she never would....
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had a date last night
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