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 This weeks lessons

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PostSubject: This weeks lessons   Mon Jul 06, 2009 6:04 am

The first one caught my eye the most, I have always been able to tell to a degree how a guy and a girl are involved in a club/bar etc etc. But this first lessons grouping off kino has helped me figure out why I could do that, other than sub/micro-communication. For example last night I spot a girl with a guy, they look very much involved but hten I really got looking at them and realized they were having troubles in their relationship, she seemed distant, he didn't show her any value, when they left it was awkward and they both jsut seemed to want to get the hell outta there.

Another guy showed clearly when it is time to bounce, this girl was all over him he doesn't seal the deal she sits on the otherside of the couch looking pissed off whilst the guy was sat around like WTF why has she gone cold.

Also we had a student out last night and he pointed out a bar maid, she was cute but me and my wing both said she is no good. You could tell she was just tired of life and was probably sick of doing the same crap day in day out. This was through her body language/eyes. I love focusing on this stuff and actually thinking about why I would get these vibes from people etc
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This weeks lessons
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