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 Quick run down of a set from a few nights back

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PostSubject: Quick run down of a set from a few nights back   Wed Jun 24, 2009 9:08 am

Type: Club

End: k*close

Advice wanted: Y

Field Report
Ok, so I will give a little back story on this one. I was up visiting my brother on the other side of the country and had decided to go out and pick up some women. Whilst I am trying to work on my day game because of work we went out at night.

So, we hit the bar/clubbing area and just kinda chill with a beer for a little while. At this point a guy comes over (clearly drunk) with a 18th birthday badge on. So we say hi to him and tell him we will grab him a beer when we get our next round in.

We then start switching between bars (its a Monday so we are looking for anywhere with a little life in it). Eventually we hop between bars and end upback with the group of people out celebrating the guys birthday.

I then spot a damn cute petit brunette sat in the smoking area. So I headed over and ask her for a cigarette, her friend gives me one and I take a seat and chat with them for a bit. From the start the brunette seemed kinda pissed off but not with me so I ask her what's up. She tells me she liked a guy a little bit but he called her a slut at a party.

She is then like "oh but you don't want to hear about that" (whilst lighting another cigarette) so I say "Nah it's cool vent away".

She then starts dropping shit tests left right and centre, here is how it went down; (also there was a lot of kino at this point so I think this was her attempt at seeing if I was worth the effort)

Her- "I was at a party and I had drunk a bottle of vodka and a bottle of wine and I am only little so was drunk. I then said I have slept with 14 guys....." (definite pause for reaction)

Me- "ok carry on"

Her- "but want to make it 15 its a nice round number"

Me- "Yeah good point"

Her- "Now I have slept with 21"

Me-"Good effort, I like women that know what they want and get it. Society says women shouldn't be like that but women are just as horny as guys"

Her "Wow, you are the only guy to ever say that".

Whilst this conversation was going on there were 4 or 5 guys sat with her. But they hadn't introduced themselves and she hadn't introduced them so I let them sit there and chat to themselves. Then something weird happened she introduced me to one or two of them like "this is .... he is a cool guy" but left some out. Then when they started talking or chipped into our conversation she told them outright to F**K off. So I thought screw it if she is not cool with them then I will be indifferent and avoid that drama entirely.

At this point the birthday guy keeps coming over and giving us massive amounts of value. Literally like "This is Jason he is an awesome guy" etc

She then asks for my number (I have no mobile) she tries to give me hers (no mobile) then asks for any other way to get in touch with me. I give her my facebook but she has problems spelling my last name (tomorrow I start a Jason Ben profile). We chat she is giving me mad IOIs high fiving hugging, rubbing her legs against mine. I go for the kiss several times she kinda half rejects a couple, kinda turning etc.

She tells me she is going out tomorrow she says she will meet me.

I then spot her later just as she is about to leave and go through the group of guys and kiss her good night.

Then I see her later with lots of guys and she goes home with them (I tried getting her back to mine but I think the time gap had dropped her BT).

As she is leaving with the group of guys her friend says be good. I say screw that be bad I'll see you tomorrow. Held frame, still the only guy she met with enough confidence to actively let her do what she loves (sex).

The day after lo-an-behold nowhere to be seen.

I am not too fussed about not getting a result it was a logistical nightmare but yeah some input and ideas on what might have been worth doing differently etc etc.

Also I think I should have possibly gone caveman when I saw her later in the evening to try and go for a SNL but it was a chilled night so no biggy.
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PostSubject: Re: Quick run down of a set from a few nights back   Wed Jun 24, 2009 12:36 pm

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Quick run down of a set from a few nights back
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