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 ID# - 1888

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PostSubject: ID# - 1888   Wed Jun 17, 2009 8:14 pm

Full score: PUA

Strength: Natural

Weakness: Random PU

Inner Game: mPUA

Interaction: mPUA

Conversation: PUA

Body Language: Guru

Guru level

Relationships: PUA level

Random PU:
PUA level

8 Most attractive natural qualities: Ability to make others feel special, Confident, Trustworthy, Good Conversationalist, Risk Taking, Original, Resourceful, Unpredictable


The most important score really depends on the individual. Some prefer to just focus on random pick up, while others only came here for a relationship. Its is for this reason that the test covers the above areas.

Even though we want to get all of your scores as high as possible, Random PU or relationships might stay about the same, depending on your goals.
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ID# - 1888
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