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 Mandatory Sarging

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PostSubject: Mandatory Sarging   Thu Jun 11, 2009 12:08 pm

These lessons are to be done with everyone. If you see someone that interests you, then you MUST approach.

There should be no excuses at this point, you have not only map & compass to get you where you are going in each interaction, you can easily read the roadsigns. You even the tools necessary to create the level of attraction you need.

Do not fear rejection.

You are still learning, and it is to be expected at this stage.

In fact, thats your next mission:

Go out, and get rejected THREE TIMES by people you have never met.

The first time you are to ask a random person to reject you, within the first 5 seconds of meeting them, and get them to reject you by being yourself within 1 minute.

The second time, you are to approach and try to get rejected without bringing it up, within 3 minutes.

The third time, the method you use is up to you.

After that field report this experience. You only get one shot at each, and if you fail at getting rejected, you MUST feild report it here (not in the feild report section).

Once I have a feild report up from everybody I will unlock the next weeks lesson.

Happy Sarging Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Mandatory Sarging   Tue Jun 23, 2009 8:21 am

Sorry I haven't been about for a while no internet at my bros place.


I attempted this in a shopping centre and couldn't get blown out.

1st one, cute blonde went like this;
Me- Can you blow me out please, just pretend I am an asshole in a club just let loose be mean
Her-Erm I can't
Me-No go ahead I am a pickup artist and this is a training exercise, go
Her- I would love to but I have an interview
Me- It will take 2 seconds just do it
Her- No I can't cya

dammit that is the biggest rise I could get out of her, I thought the mention of PUA would do it.

2nd, again a cute this time brunette in a shop. I decided to go for blunt number close. It went down like this;
Me- Hey you are damn cute how about giving me your number
Her- sorry I have a bf

COuld have pushed this for a harsher blow out although she was damn chilled.

3rd, 2 girls this time I wanted to get blown out so went for;
Me- Hey I am just out and about womanizing how about I get you girls numbers
Both start laughing hysterically
Ginger girl- I have a bf
Me- I'm not interested in your bf its your number I want
Other girl- I am single (IOI hahahaha)
Me- Awesome how about your number then
Other-Erm I have to go
Both- cya good luck

LMFAO good luck

So yeah thats how I failed at failing xx
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PostSubject: rejection!!!!!!!!!!   Tue Aug 18, 2009 11:26 pm

So I attempted to get rejected

First was a 2 set hb7 and hb5

Me: Hey guys this is gona sound weird but I need you to reject me.

Hb7: why? (with a puzzled look)

Me: Just pretend I am trying to hit on you and am being rude about, blow me off in the meanest way you can.
( at that point I notice the girl's mom is watching the entire interaction, so I am really nervous at that point. I notice the hb7's face go red which I think caused mine to go red lol)

hb7: thats weird

Me: its for a social experiment, so are you going to reject me?

hb7: no

me: okay then have a good day

that was probbably the weirdest and most awkward conversation ever hahaha but it was hilarious

second set was an hb7 at marshalls

Me: Hey I need to tell you something, I like pickle juice.

hb7: (looks at me confused)

Me: so what are you up to today?

hb7: just shopping for shoes

Me: thats cool

At this point she moves away from me and starts to ignore me and I just leave.

The thing that bothers me is I was too pussy to even attempt a third approach! I am really disappointed with game so far. I feel like I am going backwards and am regressing. I still have trouble approaching HOT women. Hopefully 2moro will be better. F***!!!!!
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PostSubject: Re: Mandatory Sarging   Wed Aug 19, 2009 8:14 am

Next time you are out pick the hottest girl and try to get her to reject you, you will see how most of them are nice
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PostSubject: Re: Mandatory Sarging   

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Mandatory Sarging
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